Sterile Container System sterilization

This sterile container system includes 1/1, 1/2, 3/4, minicontainer, dental container systems with available lid colors in silver, blue, red, money (gold), green or black and a wide range of accessories. Wire sieve baskets and crimped wire mesh baskets made of perforated plate. Stainless steel wire baskets.
Safety lid in container color and perforated bottom with paper filter, textile filter or Teflon filter (PTFE filter). Sterilization containers for steam sterilization. The central sterile supply department (CSSD), also central sterilization or reprocessing unit for medical devices (AEMP). Sterilization containers are used for sterilizing medical and veterinary instruments and implants. Germs are killed by heat, pressure and steam.


Sterile container

‌‌ 1/2 Container (285x280 mm)
‌‌ 3/4 Container (465x280 mm)
‌‌ 1/1 Container (580x280 mm / basic model)
‌‌ Large-Container (600x400 mm)
‌‌ Mini-Container (300x140 mm)
‌‌ Dental-Container (310x190 mm)
‌‌ Container (300x138x65)
‌‌ Container (500x155x75)
‌‌ Optics Container (250x60x50)
‌‌ Optics Container (450x70x70)
‌‌ Accessories such as filters and identification labels

Sterilization ContainersContainer Systems with lidsterilizationcontainer with colored lid3-4 Size Sterile Container with lid

Informations / Products

Aluminum containers, anodized, brush dispensers, indicator signs, closure seals, sterile, sterile containers, filters, textile filters, screen baskets, disposal containers, steel containers, barrier, Teflon filters. Safety model, safety lids, colors, perforated bases, perforated trays, perforated and non-perforated lids, closure, identification labels with and without inscription.

  • stackable screen baskets with polymer base
  • removable quick release lid
  • 1.4 or 8-fold combinable silicone instrument holders
Sterilization Container Systems

Sterilization containers are used for sterilizing medical and veterinary instruments and implants. Germs are killed here by heat, pressure and steam on and in the transport containers.

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We have specialized in the production of Sterile containers and sieve baskets .

The coloring of the container lids and safety lids makes it impossible to mix up the contents.

Most container lid models are available perforated with sterilization filter or unperforated with sieve basket or silicone mat or insert cloths.

Due to the constantly growing demands on the market, our sterile container portfolio is constantly being expanded. Through our webshop / online store we would like to be present in the field of medical supplies / practice supplies in the future.

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1-fold, 4-fold or 8-fold flexible silicone-holder for sieve basket catalog series

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